Custom Muay Thai Shorts Design 2

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In order to personalize your gear with a name, please type the name below in the text box and check to make sure it is correct. The name will appear at the bottom of the short leg, in place of one of the designs.
The color you choose here will be the main color of the shorts. This will be the color underneath the waistband and above the bottom hem.
Here you will choose the color that will appear at the waistline and the bottom hem of your shorts.
Here you will choose the color of the letters and design
Comfortable Muay Thai shorts with high slits on the sides to aid in the ease of kicking. Hand-crafted and easy to wash! The colors will be uniquely your own, but the design on the bottom of the shorts will look like the one in the picture. If you choose to get your name on your shorts, the name will replace the design at the bottom of the short leg.