Featured gear

Check out our featured gear for this month! If you like what you see, you can order the exact design in your size. Only available while supplies last!

Master Toddy Music DVD/CD

Perfectly timed 3 minute rounds of music on a DVD with one minute break in between songs. Play...

636.00 ฿

Pot-Luck shorts

These shorts have the same great quality as all of our other shorts. If you order these shorts, you...

From 799.00 ฿

Pot-Luck Muay Thai Skirt

All of our skirts are made with compression-like shorts already sewn underneath of the skirt material. Our skirts...

1,352.00 ฿

Featured Shorts

Our seamstresses have come up with the featured shorts of the month! If you love this style as...

From 978.00 ฿