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Monkgols are also known as "Muay Thai headbands". They are ceremonial pieces and often show the level at which a student is. Prajiouds are armbands that are worn on the upper part of the arms to protect between the bicep and the shoulder. We also sell a variety of other Muay Thai necessities including t-shirts, handwraps, and more!

Master Toddy Music DVD/CD

Perfectly timed 3 minute rounds of music on a DVD with one minute break in between songs. Play...

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Master Toddy T-Shirt

Comfortable dry-fit Master Toddy t-shirts are great for men and women alike! These sleek black t-shirts with a...

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Protect your fists and wrists with our handwraps. At 180" there is plenty of wrap to ensure that...

350.00 ฿
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Also known as "Muay Thai Headbands", come in different sizes and colors. Our style of Mongkol is unique...

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These armbands come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are uniquely designed by Master Toddy and...

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