About Us

History of Win Custom Gear

  • The designer of the Win Custom Gear, Grand Master Toddy, has been creating gear for over 40 years.
  • First companies created were called "W" and "Top Star". People still use the same gear from 40 years ago!
  • After many requests from the old customers after those companies were sold, Ultra Fight Gear CO LTD was created. Ultra Fight gear created strong, durable, and comfortable gear.
  • Ultra Fight Gear is the owner of Win Custom Gear. We have changed our logo, but our gear is consistently improving.
  • Diesel Noi, King of the Knees, is helping in designing pads to practice knees
  • Salas, awarded best trainer of boxing, helps design pads for boxing.

Want bulk orders? Email us at customerservice@wincustomgear.com for information about wholesale prices.


Our Win Custom Gear team is comprised of the best seamstresses and craftsmen. All of the gear that we sell is completely hand-made in Thailand. Our excellent team can customize your order just the way you like it!


  • Invented by a highly regarded Muay Thai practitioner
  • Everything hand-crafted
  • Leather, suede, and other high quality material.
  • Gear designs cannot be replicated through mass production factories


  • Best seamstresses in Thailand
  • Experienced and innovative!
  • Creative and unique gear
  • We challenge them to create interesting designs.
    • Order Pot-Luck shorts to see what kind of crazy creations they can make!


  • Strong and durable!
  • Comfortable fit!
  • Maximum protection for the fighter and the instructor
  • Ensures the ease of pad-holding and the comfort in training